In Praise Of Putting Down Words

It’s only by sitting in the chair

that we can hope to rise.

It’s only by tackling the knot

that we stand any chance of untangling it.

By putting words to the page

so many words,

any and all kinds of words,

mischosen words,

earnest words,

embarrassing words,

too many words.

It’s only by doing this work that we might hope to find

the perfect words.

The keys that turn the locks.

The switches that bring to life the lights.

The whispers of truth

the strength to the muscles

the shape to the spine

the beat to the heart

of the narrative.

The right words are there.

Not in some nebulous cloud floating above your head,

not lurking in your computer,

not sleeping in the pages of that thesaurus you never open.

The words are in you already.

Perfect words in search of a perfect place.

But the only way to find them

is by doing the work.

By opening the page.

By uncapping the pen.

By sitting down in that chair.

To write.

Christina is an aspiring novelist, who wanted to create a safe, fun place to share advice, inspiration, and motivation with other writers!


  • Rachana

    Ahh what a lovely poem! This made me want to pull out my notebook and pursue some of those plot bunnies that have been bouncing around my head…it’s too bad there’s still 3 more days until the weekend!

    – Rachana @ Spun

    • happywriter

      Oh, I know that feeling so well. This has been such a so-so writing year for me. I have projects I am *actively* hiding from. BUT, I’m finally getting back on that horse! Good luck to you, you’ll do great. 😀

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