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Danger in my WIP #WIPWednesday

This week’s WIP Wednesday theme is about danger in your WIP. Here’s the official prompt:

Show us a character in danger. (Doesn’t have to be physical danger, maybe they’re in danger of revealing a secret, or falling in love, or flunking a big test because they were out all night being a werewolf, howling at the moon!)

So, in my fantasy WIP, The Other Side, my characters a stressful amount of time in life-or-death threatening situations. Here’s a few snippets from one of them, a Nightmare attack (a savage thunderstorm that plays with reality to torture whoever it happens to fall on) taking place in a treetop city:






screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-6-11-27-pm   ~

There you have it, my WIP Wednesday snippets! Please, please, PLEASE consider joining the link-up: every week there’s a new theme, and you can make a blog post, link to a Pinterest board, share something on Instagram or a bite-sized snippet of writing on Twitter. You can approach the theme as creatively as you’d like! Here’s the post for this week’s WIP Wednesday link-up, and these are all the upcoming themes!

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