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“He jogged … but only when the urge struck him to get somewhere very quickly.” Travel in my WIP!

This week’s WIP Wednesday theme is all about traveling. Here’s the official prompt:

Unless your WIP takes place in a single room (which, how intense! is your character stuck in that room? Isn’t there a window they could break?? How has this happened?!!) , chances are, your characters are going to be traveling at some point, from some place to the next. Let’s talk about traveling! Share snippets of your characters sloshing through the mud, link us to a Pinterest board of the breezy mountains or smoke-choked cities your characters are footing it through, or post images of the horse-carts, pick-up trucks, or spaceships your characters use for transportation.

In my fantasy WIP, The Other Side, my characters spend a lot of time on the road. And in forests. And climbing through mountains. And ducking into the occasional underground cave. They’re on an expedition to return a stolen thingamajig, and seem to encounter every possible obstacle along the way.



Sources for all images can be found through my Pinterest board.

So, let’s get into it! Snippets that have to do with traveling from my WIP!

Sometimes they travel by trolley or bus, though those might not be particularly well driven…





Occasionally they’ll plan trips by car…



But most of the time I make my poor protagonists hoof it by foot. The scenic road’s the best one to take, right?



If you’re a writer, how do you incorporate travel into your stories? Do your characters walk everywhere, or drive? Does your fantasy story have public transportation? Or does your story feature a spaceship chase, a murder on a train, racing dragons, six-wheeled bicycles? Tell me about it in the comments, and if you’d like to make a blog post, Pinterest board, or post on Twitter about travel in your WIP, join the WIP Wednesday link up!

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