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Nibbles & Nosh: Descriptions of Food in my WIP

I talk about food A LOT in my WIP. Food is one of my favorite aspects of writing, and especially in writing fantasy, for so many reasons. Incorporating food into your writing lets you:

  1. Feed and energize your characters, explaining how and why they can go on so many strenuous adventures or spend so much time running for their lives
  2. Write succulent, drool-producing, stomach-growlingly vibrant descriptions of scrumptious feasts.
  3. Deepen your characters. How your characters interact with food can add so much characterization. What are their favorite eats? Are there foods they avoid for specific, painful reasons? Do they squirrel away uneaten food to save for later? Do they gorge themselves at every meal because they don’t know when the next one is coming?
  4. Worldbuild. You can add so much depth and life to your fantasy world, especially, through its food. How and when do people sit down for meals? Does every area or culture eat something different? Do they eat over campfires? Do they feast on dragon meat? Do they live in the trees and eat roast birds and mashed acorns?

On that last point, if you want to read a really cool examination of food and culture in Harry Potter: Butterbeer, Cauldron Cakes, and Fizzing Whizzbees: Food in J.K. Rowling ‘s Harry Potter series is a fantastic dissertation on the topic.

Anyway, let’s get down to it. This week’s WIP Wednesday is all about Food, Glorious Food, and it’s a chance to share scrumptious snippets from our works in progress. The link-up is here if anyone would like to join in!

Descriptions of Food In My WIP

Cakes chocolate drizzle WIP quote


Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 11.34.11 AM


  Pears and WIP quote


Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 12.19.37 PM

Are you hungry yet? I am! What are some of your favorite fictional foods? If you’re a writer, do you ever have your characters snack, or feast, or guzzle, or engorge themselves? Consider joining the WIP Wednesday link-up and post your favorite snippets of food in your stories! 


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