Thank you for contacting Happy Writer! For questions, comments, suggestions for blog content, offers to blog hop or guest post, just post your comment in the comment box and I’ll get to it right away! For service inquiries, please see the instructions below.

Service Inquiries

For service inquiries, please select from the drop down what you would like me to do for you:

  • Editing: For $5 a page*, I will edit:
    • Up to 10 pages of your manuscript ($10 a page for over 10 pages of content)
    • Blog posts
    • Articles
    • Essays
      *Note that one page = roughly 250 words
  • When I edit your document, I will:
    • proof-read for errors
    • critique for content and ease of readability
    • offer an overall reaction to the work and its quality, along with suggestions for improvement
  • Query Review: For $10 a query, I will:
    • Proof-read for errors and general readability
    • Give my overall impression of the work and my reaction to the query as though I were an agent reading it from the slush pile
    • Offer suggestions to how you can spice up your query and make it the best it can possibly be!

What Do I Put In the Comment Box?

On the contact page, under comment, tell me a little bit about your project, the word count of the piece you would like me to edit, and what kind of editing you’d like me to do (some people want line by line, hack-and-slash critiques, others simply an overall “does this make sense?” reassurance and general proofreading. I’ll always be kind and positive, though, no matter what kind of editing you ask for!)

So I can give you an example of the type of editing I can offer, please include the first 100-250 words of the piece you would like me to edit (for queries, just paste the whole query). That way, I can respond with a sample edit, and you can decide whether or not you’ll benefit from my help before you have to pay for anything! (Worse case scenario, you get a free critique of your first 100 words. Not too bad!)

Don’t Feel Comfortable With the Form?

If you’re worried your form didn’t go through, or you’re uncomfortable submitting your request through the form, feel free to email your request to happywriterssub @ (Take away the spaces.) Just include Editing Inquiry or Query Review in the subject line, and follow the general instructions for the comment box above.

I hope to hear from you soon!