What Does My Desk Look Like? (Life Update + A Mini Desk Tour)

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Yes, okay, it’s been almost two months, I think, since I last posted to this blog. The hiatus was unintentional, I swear. Spring just sprung right out of my hands. But! I have excuses!


In the middle of March, I received an acceptance letter from UCLA (!!!) — a school I never in a million lifetimes thought I would actually get into. So, in my defense, April was spent in a flurry of researching the school, flying from Florida to Los Angeles to visit the campus (spoiler alert: it was gorgeous), signing forms, making deposits, being generally overwhelmed by the whole experience. But, moral of the study: I’M GOING TO UCLA NEXT FALL!

I’ll be an English major (hopefully a departmental honors so I can do a Creative Writing thesis — and I’m going to try to get the Creative Writing Emphasis as well, though I hear it’s hard to get into the workshop classes), and maybe pursue a Film and Television studies minor. (Or a history minor. Or history of science minor. Or a — Listen, there are so many classes I want to take, I might be better off not minoring at all and just exploring with my extra credit hours. That’s going to be a decision for future!Christina to make.)


I also participated in the NYC Midnight short story competition this year! My story in Round 1 made first place in my heat — I’d never participated in a contest or received actual feedback on my writing before, so I was thrilled and full of confidence. Then, my Round 2 story got sixth place, lol, and didn’t even make it to the final round of the competition. Oops.

The feedback from the judges on my second story was a little aggravating, too. Two of them were extremely complimentary. One even called my story a “great feat of lyrical prose,” which couldn’t have made me happier. The other judge, however, said my story was full of “compound run on sentences” and must’ve slashed major points off for grammar. That’s something, isn’t it? For one judge to applaud your “lyrical prose” and the other one to say your story was a mess of run on sentences?

Not that I’m going to keep fixating on it or anything. cough

~What Does My Desk Look Like?~

ANYWAY. The main event: I didn’t want to just leave you guys with a dry update about my boring life, so I have a mini picspam for you! I love seeing other writers’ set ups, where they work, what little items they have on their desks, the beautiful books they fill their shelves with … basically, I spend way too much time scrolling through Instagram pictures of other people’s bedrooms, an act which sounds so much worse put down in print.

Full disclosure, I usually spend most of my writing time either bundled up in bed or outside on the porch, but these pictures of my desk are too pretty not to share.

Desk with apple computer and gallery wall of artwork

Why, yes, I do have way too many Funko Pops. The three-tiered magnet board has a post-it note outline of one of the books I’m writing!

Clean desk with mac computer books and decorative figurines

A close up of the desktop! The little silver door is one of my favorite possessions, as is the canvas painting my friend Carina made for me with the name of my Fantasy series on it! (She has a society6 shop, btw, and is a crazy talented artist.)

And, lastly, here’s a picture of my very favorite bookcase in the world:

bookshelf with colorful shelves

The top shelf is a rainbow-organized shelf of all of my very favorite novels (that could fit on this shelf, admittedly). Then we have Harry Potter, Patrick Ness, and Stephen Fry. And the bottom shelf is all reference books related to writing and printed out revision copies of my own work!

Have you ever blogged about your writing set up? Link me in the comments, or else, tell me what your desk looks like, and where you like to write best!

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  • Reply Emily Seals

    I’m SO HAPPY that you’re back! I missed you! And your desk is #goals. It’s so perfect. It’s the type of thing I would pin on Pinterest again and again and share with all my loved ones and dream about at night. =)

    Congratulations in getting into UCLA! I hope you enjoy it there and learn all the things. 😀 (English majors are the best, btw.)

    May 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm
    • Reply happywriter

      Thank you so much!!! I’m glad to be back too, I feel bad I literally forgot my blog existed for a COUPLE OF MONTHS. And English majors are totally the best!!!

      May 22, 2017 at 8:52 pm

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